So lets admit it.. a relationship takes work. A long distance relationship?…takes even more work. A long distance and international relationship?….Hell, who would even do that?!

Kubalynn would. (Thats our couple name)

As well as many other people! We aren’t special because of our situation but we do encounter troubles that are unique to our situation. Being that we are a man and a woman comes with its own set of complexities but this is not so unusual. Once you add the additional language barrier, the cultural differences and the literal physical distance between us, sometimes it becomes a full time job.

Czech Country Guy Meets Cali City Gal

My boyfriend’s name is Jakub Cerny (Kuba) for short. He is from the Czech Republic and I am from the U.S.A. We met in the summer of 2016 in a small village called Elspe in Lennestadt, Germany. He was a horse trick rider and I was a singer dancer in the music show at a western themed park that honored Karl May’s Winnetou Series. Our first encounter was awkward to say the least. He spoke zero English and I did not speak Czech. However, I did find him attractive and with some help from Jim Beam I decided to teach him what the word “hug” meant. He was tall and calm but his eyes seemed young and lively and of course he had his beautiful white dog Bella always with him to charm the ladies.

For me, it was only going to be a summer fling. I was only 22 and couldn’t even imagine being in a serious relationship with a “foreigner.” However as the summer went on, we became very close. There were qualities about him that just felt so different yet natural and aspects I felt that if they could last forever, I would definitely be ok spending my life with them.

At the end of the summer we had to make a hard decision. We decided to keep our relationship going knowing it was going to be an adventure and logistically not easy. Since then we’ve been long distance from LA to Czech, from China to LA and even East Coast to Czech. Our relationship has consisted of long flights, 8-16 hour time zone differences, facetime, whats app and messenger conversations and beautiful trips together. During our 3 years together we were all the while working on our relationship, getting to know each other, while also enjoying the moments we did share together.

Communication is our number one issue. Both in verbal language and body language but we talk, we learn and we grow…again like all couples do! However, I wanted to be able to share the great and not so great aspects of our relationship on this blog to share the truth of being in an international relationship. Hopefully putting it out there might shed some light and add some comic relief to others who find themselves in some similar situations we have been in.

“Love is a Wild Thing”

-Kacey Musgraves