The Story of Kubalynn: The Beginning

Really the catalyst that gave me the courage to change my lifestyle is the most cliche one a story could have. It all started when this certain american girl met….A BOY! Not just any boy but a Czech boy. So here is the awkward and quite comical story of how we met from MY perspective. 🙂

Yesterday I was watching a show called 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After…wait for it…THE TELL ALL. Yes! It was so amazingly full of drama and quite entertaining but the reason I watch this show is because, I too, am in what we would call an  “international relationship.” 

“You mean you are dating an alien!?”

“Yes! An alien straight from the Czech Republic from a planet called Earth!”

Although I would love to get into all of the aspects of our relationship that make it unique because of our cultural differences, that info will be shared during the course of this blog’s development. 

Today, I wanted to share the beginning of “The Story of Kubalynn.” (Stop putting red squiggly lines under our couple name computer!)

We met on a contract job while performing in a little town in Lennestadt, Germany at the Elspe Festival Naturlich Live. This was not my first time on this contract. I had gone two summers before in 2014 and absolutely loved my first experience and first time in Europe! 

In the summer of 2014, I spent most of my time drinking, singing, dancing, laughing with an amazing cast and I was trying to communicate with various groups of people in different languages.

In 2016, I met the most wonderful man I have ever known. He looked like Prince Charming and even rode horses for a living. (I KNOW I TOLD YOU! PRINCE FREAKING CHARMING!) His name is Jakub Cerny.

I was not trying to meet him or get to know him with the intention of falling in love. I mean he really didn’t even speak any english and I certainly did not speak any Czech. Well actually that’s not true. I knew the words pivo, ahoj, zlato, dekuju and many other dirty words I will refrain from mentioning. These four words translate to beer, hello, gold, and thank you. 

Like the previous summer, I was in Germany and hoping to have a fun summer fling! During the course of a few weeks though, I was completely and utterly astounded at how much I knew I loved him and how different it was from  just infatuation.

Our first couple of encounters were unusual being that we didn’t speak the same language . Although we had shared many glances at each other from across the stage, it all started with a walk. After a day of training, he knew just enough english to come up to me and form the sentence. “Will you go walk?” He didn’t ask me to go with him on a walk, but I got the picture. Besides even if he meant on a walk by myself or with a group of his co workers who didn’t speak english, that is kind of the risk you take when you are a foreigner in another country. 

Giddy with butterflies, I leapt at the opportunity. I smiled a lot and spoke very slowly and clearly just to ask basic questions like how are you? Do you like it here? I watched the wheels turn in his head as he tried to find the right words to answer. I didn’t know anything about him but I figured he had some knowledge of english from the past because I could sense he was trying to remember it. It would be a long 3, 4, 8 seconds before he would respond and I would try to move on to another question or assure him “its ok!” and smile. 

His beautiful dog Bella was a nice distraction from feeling like we needed to have much conversation. The walk was short but the conversation was not all that important because I felt that we enjoyed the peace and quiet as we were present in the nature that surrounded us. Already there was this comfortableness and ease between us two that I had never experienced with anyone else. Maybe the lack of conversation lead us there but still it was something I had never experienced with anyone.

When we got back I asked him if he remembered what a hug was. He looked at me very confused so I showed him. I pointed at him and then at me and I wrapped my arms around him and said “hug.” I went to leave his embrace but he held on even longer. I looked up at him (oh yea, he is tall too) and looking dead in my eyes he said “kiss?” 

Well I’d be darned if that was the only english word he really knew!!! Shocked by how sweet his demeanor was but how bold he just proved himself to be I said “ Sorry, I’m a good girl.”


I giggled, he smiled and then he let me go to my friends who were calling after me to get in the car. I left hoping I said something clever or full of intrigue. You know? Something to leave him wanting more but really DID HE EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT I SAID?! Because I didn’t!

Full of excitement and a little confused I was mostly shocked at how bold he was! But to be honest, I loved it. The truth is I was like that before my first heartbreak and I had been so bold in the past with men I knew spoke english but he did it with some random american girl who he could not communicate with at all! 

That move, as my grandpa would say, took a lot of cojones.

To this day, I believe he definitely knew what a hug was.  That was the first time I knew there was something different about him.

I believe falling in love is compiled of many moments and is a continuous process. To love is a verb and always requires action. But this was the first moment a piece of my heart really felt connected to him.

This was the beginning of the Story of Kubalynn. 

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