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Who am I and Why should you care?

Well I am Val and I’m not really sure if you should care. In fact, you really don’t have to but if you are interested in my experiences as a professional singer, my lifestyle as an American living in Europe or all of the inner workings of being in an international relationship with a Czech man then maybe you should look around this website and read a little more if your heart desires.

Italy 2016

I have been singing all of my life. Sincerely, there was a very obvious connection between music and I since I was born. It was quickly proven to my parents by how often I would rehearse and perform little numbers on my brick fireplace, and how frequently I watched and sang along to musicals. Seriously, I used to stand through the entire duration of the movie The Sound of Music ready to sing, dance and perform anytime a song came on. I believe this passion for music was a little genetic from my dad’s side but has grown into a life’s work I don’t think my family ever expected . Although many family members on my dad’s side either played an instrument or sang, it was all for fun, in their free time and they learned only by ear. Thus making me the first in the family to study music and vocal performance at a University and continue to pursue it as a career!

This year, in 2019, I turned 25. The memories I have from high school show choir are endless. Show choir brought me lifelong friends, allowed a space for our young minds to be creative in performance and brought a deeply loved spark of enjoyment in singing and performance to a roaring fiery passion…a passion I felt confident enough to pursue.  My time at University in Nashville lead me to share the stage with other incredibly talented singers and songwriters from all over the country whom challenged and inspired me. My second University in Los Angeles allowed me to meet some of the music industry’s top professionals and even landed me an amazing job at a wonderful company called Goldenvoice (For those who don’t know Goldenvoice is the concert promoter for Coachella and Stagecoach). I swear three years ago I didn’t believe anything could be better than being front row in the pit at Desert Trip watching Paul McCartney play the opening lick to Blackbird. Nevertheless, I had many more experiences in my future that I could never have imagined.

I’ve travelled and lived on a cruise ship. I’ve performed with international casts in Europe . I’ve recorded an EP. I’ve filmed a music video. I’ve written songs with people around the world. I’ve performed with both classical and pop ensembles. I’ve choreographed and took all kinds of dance classes. I’ve rocked with the coolest old men in a 60s-70s classic rock cover band. I’ve seen some amazing performances from music legends. I’ve travelled internationally at someone else’s expense. I’ve made some AMAZING friends from many different countries and I’ve even met the love of my life all because I sing and I chose to pursue it as a career.

Pretty cool huh? Well I think so and the purpose of this blog is basically just to share my journey with you. From my past and how I used to view the world to my present and how singing and living abroad has changed my life.

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